Brazilian-born fashion designer Vanessa Moe traces her love of creative expression and pushing of boundaries all the way back to childhood.

She was still a child when she began upcycling her parents’ clothing. As a teen, she was designing formal wear for her sisters and friends. By the time she was college age, she had no doubts her passion lay with fashion.

She travelled to Sydney, Australia to earn her Bachelor of Fashion at Whitehouse Institute of Design. There, she continued experimenting with materials, and she became the first designer still at university to create 3D printed apparel in Australia.

Only a year after graduation, Vanessa had the privilege of participating in the Australian Mercedes Benz Fashion Week as part of the St. George New Generation program. The show presented her very first ready-to-wear collection, which was featured in publications around the world, including the Huffington Post and Daily Telegraph. The collection also received more than 5000 likes on the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Instagram page.

Today, Vanessa continues to produce sophisticated evening wear with an elegant, modern edge. She also strives for her work to be been socially and environmentally sustainable, and she works only with natural fibres.

Her designs are always evolving as she investigates new technologies, techniques and materials. She draws inspiration from everywhere, including culture, art and music and the natural world. “I stick to a belief there are ties between fashion and art,” Vanessa says. The resulting world class style continues to keep her in the forefront of fashion design today.